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Might & Magic IX

I hate slow loading pages so this site will be a series of links. If you have not done so the first thing you should is download the patch for this game. You can find it here. MM9 Patch

If you are having trouble running the game go here Help for running the game

If you are having trouble with the writ of fate there is a work around here

For travel in this game a boat schedule can be found here Boat Schedule

To find out where to learn and train go here Teachers and Trainers

This is a list of enhancements and what they do Enhancements

I have made a set of character stat sheets for the eight heroes in this game in excell format. They are in a single zip file, if you wish to download them go here Stat Sheets

If you want to see all the 'Paper Dolls' in the game go here Paper Dolls

This page has some spoilers but it is primarily a list of things you can do in the game. A list of quests and such.Kind of a check list

There have been some issues with some sound card where the cut scene sounds cannot be heard clearly. I have extracted some of them in *.wav format MM9 Sounds

Here is a list of the Artifacts in the game List of Artifacts

Here is where the FAQ's will be F A Q's

Here are some links for the game Links to other sites

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage due to the downloading, or use of any files found here. To the best of my knowledge, this file is virus free at thetime of upload. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Good luck and good gaming

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