Philadelphia 6 mo. 11/71

Dear friend
Lawrie Tatum,
I write partly to express my sympathy with thee in thy responsibile service for the Master -- but more especially at this time to encourage to use every proper effort to secure for Satanta & his companions in crime a punishment consistent with the precepts of Christianity. I rejoice that there is a prospect of their trial by civil process, & that these unruly Kiowas are likely to learn that wrong-doing on their part will bring upon them the same penalties as like conduct would bring upon the pale faces.
But how earnestly do I desire that their lives may be spared & Christian influences brought to bear for their conversion & salvation.
Will not the effect upon the tribe be far better for these criminals to be held in close confinement during their natural lives than for them to receive the common penalty for murder in the first degree?
I am quite unfamiliar with the law of Texas, but suppose it provides the death penalty for such crimes. But cannot thou, or cannot we, secure through the Governor of the State, or otherwise, a commutation to imprisonment for life?
I am apprehensive that the feeling of the white frontiersmen is such that they will demand immediate trial, conviction & execution -- but in hope that I can strengthen thy hands in some little measure to use every exertion to secure for them a punishment more consistent with our sense of right, as well as more politic for the nation -- & desiring the Lord's blessing upon all thy labors for the advancement of the Indian toward a Christian civilization -- I pen this hasty note.
Very truly thy friend,
John B. Garrett